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Started back in 2007, ElTrade Group was started with big dreams and a strong belief in our capabilities. Eleven years later, we can proudly stand toe-to-toe with almost any business enterprise in the world in the investment sector. We associate our success to our ability to adapt to changing situations and scenarios in the world and to our knack of continuing to make shrewd and timely decisions to bring the most value to our valued investors and clients.

The establishment of this online investment portal in 2018 is another step in this direction with the idea to open up investment opportunities all around the globe. We, as a company, have always adopted a policy of never trusting on our laurels and this is why are always on the lookout for opportunities to propel ourselves further forward. We believe that this website can help our company find further success while also reflecting our company’s policies, mission and objectives to the fullest extent possible.

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Up To 3,20% Daily alt
180 business days alt
Stable Profit alt
USD 10 min deposit alt


Roy Barlow:

CIO, Co-founder.

A risk appears where your faltering performance starts, trust professionals in those spheres where you are short on competencies.

Steve Hendrix:

CEO, Founder.

Safe investment should be like a flower growth or a tree turning green in spring, if you want extreme immediate results, then your way is casino.

Robert Durston:

CFO, Co-founder.

Investment is not only a saving money process, but also a road to strategic goals. If you invest nothing, you receive nothing.

3 levels of referral program

We offer 8% for the 1st level alt
We offer 2% for the 2nd level alt
And 1% for the 3rd alt

Referral/affiliate Program is a system that let's you earn more when you refer someone to our services and person signs up, creates an account and whenever he/she invests - you get commission from their investment.

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